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    Very confusing time with ADE


      At present I have abandoned ADE as I cannot load books from any source onto my computer using it.


      Back in the spring I had to create a new Adobe ID as the email I was using was insecure. Everything seemed to be OK as long as I used ADE 3.

      Along comes August and I am setting up my new Macbook, I try to load books onto it and get the message that "another user is already using this resource"

      It seems that along with confusing Adobe with my new ID, trying to set up a new computer using new Adobe ID had totally flummoxed the poor software.


      I now just load books onto my KOBO from their site, or directly from my local library, which is not ideal or as flexible. I am wondering when someone at Adobe will

      get the idea that it perhaps it is time to write software for DRM that works...or maybe its just me???


      Anyway, does anyone have any idea how I might be able to resolve this issue???


      All the best,