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    My psd file and the jpg image saved have different RGB and hex colors ?


      Hello guys,

      I am having trouble with Photoshop color profiles.

      When I save images from my psd files, then open those images with Photoshop and check the color with eyedropper tool. The colors of my files and the images save from those files have the same CMYK color but different RGB and hex color ? I think it's because of differnt color profiles.


      1.PNG 2.PNG 3.PNG


      So I don't know why Photoshop can change the color profiles automatically for images saved. How can I prevent that ?
      I use Photoshop for website design, so what color profile will suit me best?


      You can check the psd file and the image through the link below:

      46 Photoshop - Google Drive


      Thank you all.