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    How do I get a unique ID with AS3 for AIR

      I'm developing an AIR app and I need a way to get a unique ID from the computer running the app. Is there a way to either get the computer's name or mac address?

      Basically, I will have 3 remote systems that will be running my AIR app. I'm having the app track usage data and saving them to xml. It'll then upload the data to my server. The problem is that I have 3 systems uploading to the same place with the same type of xml data and I need to differentiate between them. I was hoping to just append a unique id string to the filename (i.e. "system1_20080807.xml" and "system2_20080807.xml"). So I need to grab some unique identifier from the system so that I can do that.

      The problem is that I can't just hard code a unique ID in the code because I'll be doing complete app updates remotely so when I put up a new .air file, each system will be updating with the same hard coded ID. If I can have the code grab some sort of unique ID of each system, I wouldn't have that problem.