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    Wacom stylus randomly loses pressure sensitivity AND severe interface freeze


      The title is probably familiar as many people have reported this problem before, but I now have a combination of two problems, so I decided to post here.


      The first problem is the usual where Wacom stylus randomly loses pressure sensitivity. This was quickly fixed by turning off "enable press and hold for right-clicking". I also tried other methods and this was the only one that worked.


      However now came the second problem: with the settings off, I have encountered severe freeze (for Photoshop only but not the whole somputer) whenever I do anything interface related with the stylus, including things like changing brush width, selecting eraser from brush, undo action etc. According to this link (Photoshop CS6 Interface Lag with Pen | TabletPCReview.com - Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News), the way to fix is to turn ON "enable press and hold for right-clicking", which actually worked for me.


      Now I am stuck with a problem with either "enable press and hold for right-clicking" setting on or off.


      I would be grateful if someone can give me a hand, thanks in advance.