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    Full screen recording not full screen

      I've used Captivate some the last 2 months and haven't noticed this problem which started to happen yesterday. The red frame that appears when you choose a part of the screen to record when you don't use full screen recording now started to appear when I chose full screen too. As far as I can see there isn't any way to "snap" it into place, and moving it manually is a pain since you have to place it on a one pixel precision. Also there will be a one pixel black line at the bottom if I drag the frame by the top border.

      Why is this happening now and not before, and how can I allow the frame to be placed full screen automatically now?

      Edit: I've tried using the arrow keys to place the red frame correctly. That way the frame stops a few pixels from the correct position and refuses to move further.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Roland

          You might look at the recording options for Captivate. Click Edit > Preferences... > Recording node > Settings node.

          There you should find an option labeled: Hide recording window.

          I am at a total loss to explain why yours stopped working properly and there is no guarantee that changing the option I pointed out will actually fix this. But it may be worth trying to see.

          Cheers... Rick
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            MagrothM Level 1
            Thanks for the fast answer. I might have explained it badly though. It's not the recording window. I have already hidden that. It's that the red frame that shows the part of the screen that will be captured isn't placed in full screen by default. Before pressing "Record" in the recording window that red frame shows and I can place it where I want to record, but I don't want to place it, I want full screen capturing and I can't achieve that to 100% by placing that red frame manually, see the description from my post above regarding that.

            I know that I can choose resolution and full screen when creating a new project, but even if I've done that by choosing 800*600 full screen (and have switched the Windows resolution to 800*600 of course) the recording is still not full screen and the red frame shows.

            I just tinkered around a bit and it seems like I created the last full screen project with Captivate 2 so it's not Captivate 3 that has stopped working like that, it's just that Captivate 2 behaved like it should regarding full screen and Captivate 3 doesn't seem to do that. I've fired up Captivate 2 and tested and that red frame doesn't show there. I've even tried creating a new project in Captivate 2 and save it, then open it in Captivate 3 but I still get the red frame which I can't place in full screen.

            Edit: I know that I COULD go back to Captivate 2 for full screen projects but I don't really want to do that since Captivate 2 has some bugs that messes up things, like not opening dialog windows after recording a full motion sequence. Besides, I can't open projects already converted to Captivate 3 in Captivate 2.
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              MagrothM Level 1
              I've found a way around this problem but it's certainly not optimal.

              Up to now when creating a new project I've used Other -> Blank project in the New project options screen and then chosen 800*600 full screen as resolution for those projects I want to create in full screen. This option in Captivate 2 really was full screen while in Captivate 3 it's not.

              Now I've found out that choosing Software simulation -> Full screen instead WILL allow me to record in 100% full screen. The problem is that I have to change some old projects already created the "wrong" way. Well, now I've started to create new such projects and import slides from the old projects. It's as I said not optimal but at least it allows me to continue working with these projects.