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    3D objects are loading incredibly tiny. Why?


      I'm trying to edit a texture on a 3D object for the first time.


      When I load my 3D (Wavefront) object, it is barely a tiny dot in the center of the screen, and zooming in on it it comes up badly pixelated.


      I've fooled around with the loading settings in every way imaginable and nothing helps. And the only "scale" option available I can find is for the texture, not the object itself.


      What am I doing wrong? How do I load my object at a reasonable size for editing? Searching around online, I can't find anything regarding this issue.



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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Select the object in the 3D panel and then either:


          1. Use the move tool to scale it (by dragging from the centre of the 3D axis tool)




          2. Go to the properties panel and select co-ordinates and type in a larger scale number into the X Y and Z scale boxes



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            BI30 Level 1

            Thanks, my interface looks a bit different (CC 2015) but I figured it out.


            Clicking the object (difficult b/c it's a tiny dot) produces a bounding box. When I get the "scale" option, clicking and dragging does nothing (possibly b/c the values are so tiny, I'd have to drag far off screen just to get any values.)


            So I tried changing the scale numerically, but that too didn't work (or so it seemed.)


            The "fix" was to click the "scale" box icon above the dimensions (slightly covered by your red circle) and check "Uniform scaling" before changing the size. Isn't there a way to display the object at a reasonable scale upon loading? By physically rescaling my object, I'm going to have to scale it back down before exporting.