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    Problem Rendering a sequence with watermark

    300188 Level 1

      Hello,  I need some help. I am trying to render a short 1080 sequence (5 minutes) on which I have added a logo as watermark. To do so I have used one of the presets in the new  graphic panel (Logo Bug), in which I have inserted my own logo,which is in .png format.


      Rendering the sequence without the watermark takes about 5 minutes. With the watermark it seems that it will take several hours and the performances of the computer are critically reduced. (I have interrupted the rendering as I could not use any other program, nor control my mouse).  I also tried to add the watermark with the old titles method, by importing the logo in a title, but the result is the same.

      I tried to export directly without rendering via Media encoder, but Media Encoder will crash my computer.


      Here is the information on my settings

      • Première Pro CC 2017.1.2
      • All recent updates installed
      • Source footage : Several sources : C4K and UHD from different DSLRs GH4 and Sony Alpha7S2 Codec H264 MOV or MP4 container.
      • Operating system : Windows 7 Pro /Service pack1
      • Computer hardware:
        • Processor - IntelCore i7-4960X CPU@3.60GHz
        • RAM : 64 Go
        • System 64bits
        • HardDrives
          • System (C:\): SSD 512Go
          • 1 Separate internal Video Drive
          • 1 separate internal Data drive


      • Problem Never occurred before, however I have recently erased temporary files from my C drive (Using CC cleaner)
      • Other softwares I am running: mostly the Adobe CC suite plus DaVinci resolve, and some other office related softwares (Word excel etc.)
      • Third-party effects or codecs installed:  Neatvideo, Mercalli, SappireEdge…
      • Using Mercury Playback Engine acceleration
      • Do you still have the issue when choosing Project Settings > General > Renderer > Mercury Playback Engine (Software Only)? I am afraid to lose all the previsualizations in my sequence.

      Any help you could provide would be most welcome.