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    Premiere Elements, locked out due to additional installations


      When opening my (old) copy of Premiere Elements, purchased around 2010/2011 (which completely suits my needs), I'm told it can't be used as it is installed on too many computers.... (two others)... I need to deactivate the other installations, in order to open my copy.


      I need help with either a) Getting hold of the two other computers, which I'd presume now are mine, since my software is apparently installed on them, or,

      b), someone from Adobe unlocking my installation key, as I have it installed on one computer only.


      Adobe chat helpdesk are completely unable to support with such an issue.

      Registration key is available for the copies of Premiere and Photoshop purchased together, and outlet can be named. Most probably, a receipt can also be produced from the online/physical store where the Products were purchased.


      A bit annoyed by the fact that this is something caused by Adobe, and not by me, and it seems to take forever to solve.


      Any suggestions? I guess this need to be solved from Adobe...