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    Logging settings via CF Admin API

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      I've never needed to use the CF Administrator API before today. Strange
      but true.

      So I'm taking a look at it. The implementation seems incomplete, unless
      I'm missing something (entirely likely: the docs are a bit light-weight).

      Is there any way to access the functionality of the "Log Files" page via
      the API?

      Also, is there any way of persisting the authenticated administrator object
      (CFIDE.adminapi.administrator), rather than having to recreate it each... I
      presume... session? I'd like to have the authentication done once at
      application start-up, then persisted for subsequent usage by Admin
      API-calling code.

      I'm tying to avoid storing the pwd in a template, and the nature of what I
      want to do is such that I cannot have someone enter the pwd every time I
      need the code to run.

      I was kind of expecting to ceeate an authentication object that I then pass
      to methods needing authentication. Not having it session based (which
      seems wrong for API-driven access to the Administrator).

      Basically what I'm trying to do is to have a scheduled task archive a log
      file (as per pressing the "Archive log file" button on the logfile listing)
      should certain circumstances occur. I could mess around with CFFILE and
      what not and DIY easily enough, but I was kind of expecting not to have to
      reinvent the wheel.

      Any guidance, thoughts or observations welcomed.