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    Phonegap server output different than cordova apk built


      I am completely new at Phonegap and Android apk, so bare with me.


      I am trying to create an Android app for this Leaflet application:


      GitHub - bmcbride/bootleaf: Template for building simple and elegant web mapping applications with Bootstrap and Leaflet


      I am running everything in Windows.


      * I first create a blank Phonegap project and add the code for bootleaf in the www folder of the Phonegap project.

      * running the project in the Phonegap servers, renders bootleaf as it is supposed to be as expected.


      * I then build the app using these instructions, basically using cordova commands:

      PhoneGap API Documentation

      * The apk gets built with no errors and I then use Android Studio emulator to view the result and it looks completely different basically only showing the menu no maps, and nothing seems to work.


      As it is in Phonegap server:


      The way it looks in Android emulator using the resulting apk:



      So not sue what I need to do or change in the apk build part, maybe I need to add some plugins? Not sure, anybody has any ideas?