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    Can anyone offer advice on stitching a panorama that keeps distinct edges straight?


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      Hi, I want to make a panoramic image of a factory environment (so close up or near field), but would like to keep distinct edges straight.

      Ultimately I want to create an image from the perspective of standing on a raised platform & looking through a semi-solid wall (that I will apply a partial transparency) to the factory floor scene. I am limited by the placement of windows as to where I can shoot the floor scene. Added to that, the foreground is very close to where the camera is positioned & all attempts to use Photomerge has resulted in the straight edge of a spoon drain curving widely through the foreground at the bottom of the image.

      Can anyone offer some advice or have I bitten off more than I can chew?

      P.S. I appreciate some of that foreground will be obscured by the edge of the raised platform from my line of sight, so perhaps just an easing of that curve?

      line of sight.jpg