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    How to scrollTo some element

      I have a form that populates an area at the top with error messages when it validates. The form is long and often scrolls off the bottom of the page. I want the user to be able to click on the error message and then be taken to the field with the error.

      This is what I got so far. I have a VBox that contains a Form. This is the snipped of code that responds to the user clicking on the error text. It finds the field just fine. But if it scrolls off the page I cannot scroll the field into view.

      Any ideas on how this could be done?

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          RustyRathbone Level 1
          I found this eventually. It is such a simple thing I am surprised that nobody here knew the answer. One clue is that the scrollbar position is not the position of the scrollbar on the scrollbar track. It is the number of pixels the page has scrolled from the top of the page. So if you want to scroll to some item all you have to do is set its parent's verticalScrollbarPosition or horizontalScrollbarPosition to the item's respective y or x. Do something like this: