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    Illustrator UI down while script is running.

    Fredrik Danell



      I've made a script that helps me tremendously every day doing heavy repetitively work (moving around layers, grouping items etc.). There is one thing that's bugging me. While the script runs I can see whats happening on the screen, a layer moving here, moving there, making a group here and so on but after 2-3 seconds all of the illustrator UI turns black and then I can't see anything until the script is finished.


      This can be a problem because I want to know the progress of the task that the script is doing to determine if it's running at all or if it stopped/hanged etc.


      The only solution I have is to do a Window.alert("I'm alive"); once in a while but that requires me to always sit in front of the computer to press the "OK" button to dismiss the window.


      Any ideas?