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    Font size variation from image to image while using the same size in settings


      I have Windows 10 the latest version of PS CC 2017. I have 2 separate files open in PS each are 500 px x 500 px.  I have entered 18 pt Trebuchet MS text in both files (images) however they are completely different size fonts. My view is set to 100% for each image.


      I have saved the files as PSD, closed PS, reopened, as well, I have deleted the smaller version of the 18 pt font layer on the incorrect image and started over again - this did not fix the issue...


      Not sure what to do, the images will ultimatly appear side by side on a website so the font's need to me the same size, yet one is about 1/2 the size of the other. I could scale the small one up, but I am not really interested in this as a fix.


      Thanks for any perspective..