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    Flash movie and rollover button issues


      I'm working on a website, and on the main page I'm going to have three seperate boxes that rotate 360 degrees when you hover your mouse over them. These three are then links to their own respective pages. I've rendered the three animations from 3D Studio Max as seperate movie clips (.avi files) and made three seperate .fla files in Flash for each movie clip. I've inserted a button-symbol and made an invisible button that I've applied the following AS 2.0 script-code to:

      on (rollOver) {

      on (rollOut) {

      on (release) {
      //what to do when the button is clicked goes here

      Only problem is, it doesn't work... If it's any help, here is the .fla file for my first movie clip:
      .fla file
      Here is the link to my page:

      Secondly, I've got a problem with .swf movies in general on my website.
      When I insert my files into DreamWeaver CS3, they won't play in browser (and, yes, I've got Flash installed for FF).
      In Flash and on my desktop the file works fine though...
      I've rendered and .avi from MAX, done some touch-up in Sony Vegas and imported it into Flash using Progressive Download method (due to size). I've properly sized it and everything, and exported the .swf file... Why doesn't this work? Is there something wrong with how I'm doing it, or a script on my page that's missing or something?

      Thank you very much for any help you may provide :) I really need it right now!

      Best Regards - Alec