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    Saving a datagrid back in an xml file (Flex3)

      Good evening,

      I have a datagrid with multiple rows and multiple checkboxes on each row. When a checkbox is checked the corresponding option is highlighted in green.
      I would like to save the data contained in the datagrid (including if the checkboxes are checked or not) back into an xml file.
      I attached the code I have (see at the end of the message). So far my code gives me:
      <item Option3="false" Imchecked2="false" TrafficManagementPhase="false" Imchecked3="false" Option1="false" Option2="false" Imchecked1="false"/>
      <item Option3="false" Option4="false" Imchecked2="false" TrafficManagementPhase="false" Imchecked3="false" Option1="false" Imchecked4="false" Option2="false" Imchecked1="false"/>
      <item TrafficManagementPhase="false" Imchecked1="false" Option1="false" Imchecked2="false" Option2="false"/>

      and I would like to have this instead (assuming no checkboxes are checked):

      <item TrafficManagementPhase="Phase1" Option1="Option11" Imchecked1="false" Option2="Option12" Imchecked2="false" Option3="Option13" Imchecked3="false"/>
      <item TrafficManagementPhase="Phase2" Option1="Option21" Imchecked1="false" Option2="Option22" Imchecked2="false" Option3="Option23" Imchecked3="false" Option4="Option24" Imchecked4="false"/>
      <item TrafficManagementPhase="Phase3" Option1="Option31" Imchecked1="false" Option2="Option32" Imchecked2="false"/>

      I'm a beginner at Flex so I would really appreciate any help, clear and detailed explanations or links you could provide me with.
      Best regards,