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    time to update my storage

    getho Level 2

      4k footage and my now more extensive use of cineform codec means my 7x2tb raid 5 is now no longer cutting the mustard.


      Its running on an areca 1223 8i with sata drives on windows  (HGST enterprise).


      I tend to do small projects but end up keeping quite a lot of media, filling up my raid. Problem is that I dip into this media quite frequently, so it needs to stay on a relatively fast drive. 


      I could ditch the raid altogether, or replace the drives with say 4x6tb drives giving me room to keep adding. or I could go to raid 0, and get used to doing daily backups (I've had a bad experience with raid 10, was a waste of time when it came to data security).


      I'm open to ideas, though - like an external solution with a more modern file system....?