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    Notification email in the wrong language

    OsakaWebbie Level 1

      I just posted a question on the Photoshop forum. I'm viewing the forum interface in English, and I asked my question in English. But then I got an email in German, which I think is telling me that a moderator approved my post. Is anyone else having this trouble? I'm not new to the forums, but this is the first time this has happened.

      German notification.png

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          MadisonMLeupp Adobe Employee

          Hi Osaka,

          Can you forward me the email to mamurphy[at]adobe[dot]com? You can also check your language preferences by clicking your avatar at top right > Preferences.



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            OsakaWebbie Level 1

            Okay, I have just now forwarded the email, but my screenshot showed all the content anyway.


            As for my preferences, the language was not set (it said "------") and presumably it was that way the whole time - my profile says I have been a member since 2003 and my oldest post in your records is 2008. (I have now changed it to English.) I'm an American living in Japan, so  if the system had decided to use my IP address or browser languages to chose some language other than English, Japanese would have been possible. But a week ago was the only time I have ever gotten a notification in any language other than English. And the notification for your reply here was in English, too.


            Ah, it just occurred to me that I don't remember ever getting a message even in English about a post being approved by a moderator. All the notifications I normally get are when someone else posts on a thread I'm subscribed to (usually because I'm the OP). So the language was not the only anomalous thing about that one message. Perhaps it was just a hiccup in the system that one time. Presumably my question post here also had to be approved, but I did not get any email about that action. (I have not posted any questions in the Photoshop forum, so if the weirdness is isolated to that forum, I don't know if it was a fluke or is continuing.)

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              OsakaWebbie Level 1

              Update: I just now started a new discussion on the Acrobat forum, and I then got an "Approved" email (in English). This is only the second such email I can remember getting - is it new functionality? Sequence of events:

              1. Started a discussion in Photoshop forum
              2. Received "Approved" email in German
              3. Started this discussion (Forum Comments forum) - no email except about your reply
              4. Changed my Preferences language from "-----" to English (locale U.S.)
              5. Started a discussion in Acrobat forum
              6. Received "Approved" email in English

              So if it's a new function that is now turned on, I don't know why I didn't get an Approved email regarding this discussion, unless this forum isn't moderated or something. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know.