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    Very Strange Jpg loading Error

      Hi There,

      I've just been experimenting with using the MovieClipLoader object to load jpg images. I've copy and pasted the example from the the manual and it all works fine.

      I then modified the example to load images from my website instead of the example image on the macromedia website. This is where things started to get strange.

      If the image the flash loaded from my website was an actual jpg file on the webserver it works fine. But if the image is generated by a php script that is url rewritten to look like a jpg the flash fails with the error below:

      Error opening URL " http://green.peteblacker.com/gallery/scriptimage.jpg"

      if I load the image " http://green.peteblacker.com/gallery/myimage.jpg" an actual jpg file it works fine. Both of these images open without any problems on all web browsers.

      The only difference between the two images from the client side is that the script output may be gzip compressed where as the image file isn't. Does the Flash player Accept-Encoding: gzip? could this be causing the problem?

      Thanks for any help, this problem has been baffling me for a while now!