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    Photoshop CC 2017 Freezing/Lagging


      Is anyone else having problems with Photoshop CC freezing, lagging, or etc? I am on a new iMac, my computer is fine and up to date. My Lightroom and Photoshop CC are showing up to date, however neither one of them are working correctly, especially Photoshop. If I use the healing brush it freezes and then IF I'm lucky to get it unfrozen it leaves a streak through my image that I have to go back and correct. Same problem with clone tool, marquee tool, and using curves adjustments. I have restarted computer, clicked different settings with my graphic card- Which I should not have to do, but tried anyway and it still is freezing so bad that I have to force quit. I have not had any problems until about 3 or 4 weeks ago, everything is up to date. I am losing so much time & business over this!  I have sent every report concerning this and have not heard anything back, any other suggestions? Thank you

      (Bought 4 months ago, iMac macOS Sierra, retina 5k, 3.2 ghz Intel Core i5,AMD Radeon R9 graphics // Creative Cloud -Photoshop Cc 2017)