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    Adobe XD - Unable to Install

    Adrimarie Level 1

      So, this has been bugging me. I'm currently taking a visual design class that requires a wireframing program. I wanted to use Adobe XD for the assignments, as I can't afford to pay for other wireframing software like UXPin, Balsamiq, etc. Since I'm already paying for an Adobe CC subscription, I might as well take advantage of it.


      I went to my Adobe CC app and it's telling me that my laptop is not compatible because it said that it requires the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. My current Windows 10 version is the latest one (Creators Update), and it looks like in order for me to use Adobe XD is that I have to downgrade my Windows 10 version?! (even though the website says that it needs the Anniversary update OR LATER...)


      Here's the current version of my Windows 10 screenshot https://i.imgur.com/8bXCHoa.png


      Please look into this and help me out? Thank you.