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    Automatic open files via generator




      I am photo retoucher and I like to automate my workflow, because I daily process hundred of photos.

      There is a question: How can I automate opening files from one batch? The system could work by opening two photos and when I finish editing and close this two photos, photoshop could open two other photos in the batch.

      Is there any existing script for this action or do you have some ideas for making this system via photoshop Generator ?




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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          I don’t think Generator would offer benefits here.


          A Scripting solution might be possible.

          If one first selects a bunch of images via a Script one could store the paths in a txt, xmp, … and on closing a file have a Script linked to the Close-event via File > Scripts > Script Events Manager check the list, compare save-dates and open further ones.

          Not sure how useful this would ultimately be, but you could ask for help over at

          Photoshop Scripting