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    Flash Loader Not Working

      I am currently creating a website www.offnitemusic.com using Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3.0. I dynamically create a Loader in Actionsscript to load external SWF's once a button is clicked. The loader and the files load and work fine when I run Test Movie or also when I view the main SWF file from the folder in windows. However once I add the SWF to my webpage in Dreamweaver then Preview In IE or FF the Loader never appears with any of the external SWF's. I have copied each SWF file into the same folder as the main SWF file. I have also uploaded the files to the webserver and still the loader does not appear when any of the buttons are clicked.

      I am not sure why when I view the Flash on a webpage it no longer works.

      My code looks like this:

      var bio_loader:Loader=new Loader();

      // Loader for loading external .swf's
      function addBioLoader (BioSWF:String)
      background.alpha = .5;
      musicNav.alpha = .5;
      bio_loader.load(new URLRequest(BioSWF));

      function btnMattAction (objectEvent:MouseEvent)
      addBioLoader ("MattBio.swf");

      btnMatt.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, btnMattAction);

      I included the code for one of the buttons since they are all the same with just different external .swf filenames.