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    I have subscribed and bought two softwares but Creative Cloud still asks me to buy them


      Hi everyone,


      I have subscribed to After Effects and Premiere Pro ( annual plan, paid monthly for both ). When I go to my account I can see the two softwares and it is written I have paid ( both of them ), but when I install them on the Creative Cloud I cannot open them, Premiere Pro crashes ( it creates a crash file on my desktop and an error window appears telling me I have to repair the software ), and Creative Cloud tells me I have to buy them but when I click on " buy " it sends me to the Adobe shop website where it is said I already have subscribed, so I can't buy them.


      I have been using After Effects for 10 months until now and I had been able to use it the second after I bought it ( it was last november ), but it doesn't work any more since few days ago. I had a little problem with my new credit card, I couldn't pay online, but I had an appointment with my banker and the problem has been solved last week and since this appointment I've been able to buy Premier Pro ( I couldn't buy it before this appointment ). But since I had this credit card problem ( I repeat that the problem has been solved ) I can't used After Effects any more.


      Could someone please tell me what the problem is, why does Creative Cloud tell me to buy when it is written on my Adobe account that I have subscribed and then cannot buy them ?


      Thank you in advance for any of your answers, hoping to have one pretty soon.