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    I want my puppet to turn around, how should I do?

    Lilith Kitsch

      This is newbie for the character animator..

      The movement of my puppet is should be walking and then stop and turn around. However, I try to using the scale x to make my puppet reverse, the reverse is making the whole puppet mirrored also with the walking movement.

      How do I make it just look like turning around?


      Hope anyone can help this newbie, thankssss!

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          angie_taylor Adobe Community Professional

          Hi there. The best wat to achieve this is to draw the different views of your puppet. So, you'll need a back view and a front view at least. I'd recommend adding side views (left and right) and possibly 3/4 views too. The more drawings you make, the smoother the turn will be. There are a couple of different ways to implement this. The easiest is to import the "turn" images as a sequence and then assign a trigger to them. Use the trigger when you want the character to Spin around.If you need more Control, for example, if you want the character to speak or move with hits back to back or side facing the camera. In this case you may need to create multiple character groups. You could then set up a Triggers that would switch to an alternative group when you need it to animate. Hope this makes sense there are some great tutorials that cover techniques like these on the edge of the character animator page.


          Character Animator Tutorials

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            KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

            I have to agree with Angie.......  that is probably the best way to do it.