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    CFOBJECTCACHE - question for Adobe

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, all,


      I recently ran across CFOBJECTCACHE, which has a single attribute with a single option, action="clear".  This was introduced in CF5.


      I haven't used it, yet, but it looks like I might have a reason to, soon.  But I am wondering if Adobe (or even Lucee) is planning on modifying it so that one can clear a specific query (as opposed to all cached queries within an application)?  Seems to me that if one has a site/app that has many (say, 30 or more) cached queries that this could put a huge strain on the CF Server due to all queries being re-run after this tag is used.


      I know that this isn't a forum that is staffed by Adobe employees, but occasionally an Adobe employee does peruse, here.  What say you, Adobe?




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