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    Changing from BC to FTP

    greyorangestudios Level 1

      I'm having a problem with Muse and I really hope someone can help. I finished my client's website about a month ago. I gave them access to IBE and they've been making changes over the course of the month. Now we've reached a point where they need me to come back in to make some changes that they can't do through IBE. The problem is that my version of the .muse file on my local machine is not tied to the FTP version of the live website. I do not know how this happened. When I open my .muse file it says that there have been no changes using IBE, but that is obviously not true because the changes they've made are shown on the live site.


      So here's what I need to do:

      1.) Relink my .muse file with the live FTP version

      2.) NOT lose any of the changes that my client has made using IBE


      The problem that I see is that if I try to click FTP under publish it wants to upload the site (using my outdated .muse file) and that would overwrite all the clien'ts IBE changes.


      So is there a way to tell the .muse file that it should be looking for changes from the FTP site without uploading first?


      Thanks in advance