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    Creative Cloud and Adobe Loops


      I'm experiencing so many weird and confusing loops and errors with Creative Cloud every month. I somehow got around the issues before (by reinstalling everything, signing in and out, creating new plans with new emails, following guides by Adobe, renaming and deleting files and folders etc..) but i can't seem to find an answer this time. And i shouldnt have to go to war with my computer every single month just to keep my Adobe programs.


      I now have a 1 year subscription for all the Adobe applications that i started a few months ago. After Effects and Photoshop is being used the most.


      I noticed the first loop when i tried to launch After Effects this morning. (By the way, i usually open my applications from the desktop by clicking the icon, not from Creative Cloud)

      I double clicked on After effects like i always do and got hit in the face by a "Validating Software License" popup window(picture below). After about 3 seconds the window closes, poof, gone.. and then it comes right back 3 seconds after just to repeat itself. This goes on forever and the only way to kill this loop is to shut it off through Task Manager. I don't get the usual "Thank you" popup after this one. Just this noe.. Over and over again.


      So i opened Creative Cloud to try to run the application from there.. but here it says "Trail Expired" in beautiful red letters with a huge "Buy Now" button right next to it.


      This makes no sense to me as i have a 1 year subscription for all the applications including After Effects. (After effects worked perfectly fine a few weeks ago)

      when i click on the "Buy Now" button it takes me to the Adobe webpage where i have to choose a plan. I selected the exact same plan as i already have, this takes me to the second loop. When i select my plan (The one i already have, that has expired according to Adobe) i get this message: you already have the Creative Cloud Membership.

      So to make a long story short:

      I have After effects, but i'm now being told that my trail (By the way i have never used the trail.. I bought it for one year) has expired and that i have to buy it again. when i try to buy it again i get denied, because i already have it. Not sure whats happening here.




      If anyone knows how to fix this, i'd appreciate a reply. thank you.