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    Which components have heavy impact on frame rates?

    justria Level 1
      As part of my small animation experiment located here


      I made some curious observation.

      On my iMac, the demo renders with up to 200 animated objects with roughly 20 fps. If I increase the number even higher the frame rate decreases - as expected. The demo animates each object and does certain collision detection.

      The one aspect I'm curious about, is this: Even if I animate only 1 object, the frame rate keeps around 20.

      Does anybody has an idea, what might cause this effect? Are certain components absolutely no-goes? E.g. all real Flex components, while 'native' Flash components or OK?

      Why isn't the app reaching higher framerates if the app does more or less nothing?

      I tested the sample app as an AIR build. Next I'll check a browser build.

      [Needless to note, that I requested a high frame rate using " stage.frameRate = 99; ".]