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    Need help with a simple task

      I have just started with Flash and am very unfamiliar with the workings of it..On my web site I have a small Flash application that I want to also be a hyperlink to another page. But I can't figure this out. I actually want the application to be the link and not anything inside the application. I am including the code. Can someone tell me what I need to do?? Thanks.
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          You can just place an invisible button on the top layer of the flash time line and code it to getURL. When you said "hyperlink to another page", are you referring to an html page or another swf file? To make an invisible button in Flash, you can hit Ctrl+F8 to bring up the dialog box to create a new symbol, name your button, make sure you select the type of button, hit ok, now you are inside the button and need to create a "hit" area. Click on the "hit" state and press F7 to create a blank key frame. Using the drawing tools, select the square, no stroke, and any fill color you want, draw a square shape, click on the shape and in your Info Panel, change the size of this shape to match the size of your stage, lastly, make sure the registration point is (0,0) by using the Align Panel. Go back to your main time line, add a layer on your time line and make sure it's at the top, drag your new button from the library to the stage and align it to (0,0).

          There are two ways to code the button, so to make it easier, click on the button once to select it, hit F9 to bring up the actions panel and type this

          getURL(" http://www.someWebsite.com", "_blank");// you can also use "_self" //

          If some of this isn't new to you, disregard parts of it. If you have any buttons in your Flash application, this will cause problems because the invisible button will counter-act anything below it. Let me know if this works for you. Of course, this all assumes you have access to the flash file.
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            Trouble706 Level 1
            Hi Shan-Dysigns, Thank you for your help....That worked perfectly.