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    Problem with Google Hotel Finder Ads and Paid Search Detection


      We just started a test, where we use Googles Hotel Finder Ads. These ads should be tracked as marketing channel "Metasearcher" based on the tracking link which includes "Metasearcher". What we are seeing right now is that the traffic gets both assigned to Metasearcher and Paid Search (SEM). For example we have 210 visits, 207 visits for last touch metasearcher and 81 visits for last touch SEM.


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      Question 1: How is it possible that a visit is assigned to several marketing channels? In my understanding the marketing channel processing rules are hierarchical.


      Question 2: Our paid search detection rule is based on the existance of a tracking parameter in the URL. We suppose that the visits get assigned to paid search because the visit has google.com as referring domain + a tracking link. Is it possible to keep the hotel finder ads out of paid search via the processing rules without changing the paid search detection rule?


      Thanks for your help!