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    cfprogressbar cfc bind runs only once


      I'm trying to test the first sample from here ColdFusion Help | Using the cfprogressbar tag

      where cfprogressbar ... bind="cfc:pbar.getProgessData()" and the backyard code in pb.cfc


      There are plenty more similar samples out there to run cfprogressbar with cfc callback bind since CF9 or so but I get all the same results.


      I'm running it on ColdFusion 2016 Update 4 and it only runs once from 0% to 10%. Only one step. Tested with both IE and Chrome with F12 debugger.


      In the browser debugger I see pbar.cfc?method=getProgessData& ... calls every one second as it should but the response is always the same like {"MESSAGE":"10%","STATUS":0.1}


      How can fix it, any ideas, please?


      UPDATE: It works only via http://localhost or https://localhost

      Stuck via or or direct public available IP address or any domain name to that computer