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    When starting a new recording, red recording frame shows, but gray box with Settings/Record/Cancel does not

      I've been using my Captivate 3 successfully for many moons now. However, now when I go to create a new recording, I choose Custom size/Full Screen/Application. The red recording box appears, but the corresponding pop up box that allows users to select which program to record, which mode (manual/full motion) to use and the "record" button does not show up. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Captivate 3. I've downloaded all the updates. I am stuck. To escape the red box, I must right-click on Captivate in the Windows taskbar and exit the program. Please help. I am getting behind on my work. My environment has not changed (that I am aware of). I cannot think of what may have happened to cause this, but I could use any suggestions you have. I work remotely and feel like I'm living on an island called "Technology Hell".