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    Looking for feedback on a first cartoon

    chetgnegy Level 1

      Most of the animation was done in Character Animator and After Effects. I'd love to have some meaningful feedback and discuss techniques a bit with those who are interested. If there's a better place in the forums to show things off and get feedback, let me know (if there isn't, I think there should be).


      Marshmallow Stew on Vimeo




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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Great stuff! As I said in an email (but posting here in case it helps others too), the main piece of feedback I would give is just pacing. Often in professional animation characters do their motions faster, in what's referred to as "pose to pose" - stick one pose, quick transition to the next, stick that pose, and so on. I think incorporating that speedier / pose-based movement would help a ton. When things are too slow or floaty it can tend to feel drawn out, but more movement / action can make things more visually interesting.


          Overall a great piece!