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    video hangs up on firefox


      I stream content from the internet instead of paying sky high prices for cable, and this latest version of

      firefox has been giving me issues with video playback i am running  i was running windows  10 version 1607 until the forced  recent

      windows update to 1703  with  firefox version  54.0  I did not have any issues at all until after the automated windows update is when the issue began


      win10 version 1703 64 bit

      firefox version 55.0.3 64 bit

      intel duo core 2,6 gig

      and 6 gigs of ram


      I am running a lower level nvidia graphics card with the latest driver and i am having issues

      with play back video freezing and some times having a green bar at the top of side of the video

      i have tried disabling hardware acceleration in firefox and on the flas video settings with out

      any change. flash video works perfectly in microsoft edge and google chrome, it is just

      firefox i am having the play back issue with. I would not bother and use use a different browser

      but firefox has far superior  add on extensions giving greater ability to block ads and redirects then the other 2.

      I have read help posts on other forums and all i have really seen is people saying to completely remove flash player.

      i have not tired that because i figured i would not be able to watch most videos if i did. this computer is used only for

      streaming video to a television i do not use it for anything else so i am hoping that there is a work around, i would hate to lose

      the ability to stream all the content of sites i go to below is a url that I have encountered the issue with and one that i use the most


      [link removed]


      any help you people can give me to fix this problem would be truly appreciated.

      thanks in advance for taking the time to help me solve this issue