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    How do I disable direct selection of objects from the art board?

    jayrphotog Level 1

      I have used Adobe Photoshop for over 10 years.  I have even been using CC for the last year plus.  I recently had to re-install CC and upon doing so my Move tool now will directly select an object and move ti rather than moving the selected layer from the layers panel as Photoshop has ALWAYS done.  I need the way to turn this off so that I do not move unwanted layers or be required to "Transform" a layer group to move all at once. 


      When did this change?  my previous version of CC did not have this.  While I understand this is closer to how Illustrator works, it needs to be an option to turn off, for those of us that are not illustrator users, and old salts when it comes to using Photoshop.


      the WORST thing you can do to users is change program functionality.  this always greatly reduces productivity as we are then required to re-learn something that has become second nature.  It's like we learn to walk heel to toe, then tomorrow we are told we now walk toe to heel.  imagine the problems this would cause you.