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    Real-time Preview Stops Working

    Dakota Justus Level 1

      The Real-time browser preview in DW 2017 is great, but each time I take a work break, I get the following message after waking up my iMac:


      "You tried to access an external HTML page, which can not be opened on the device for preview. Open the page in Dreamweaver to preview the page on the device."


      The only fix is to restart DW,  I use Chrome as my preview browser, but the issue exits regardless of browser choice.


      "Live" preview in DW is simply to slow and buggy, so I don't care for it.  Additionally, the spit screen (live/code) is too small to really see, so I like the full screen browser preview.




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          Dakota Justus Level 1

          Yes, previewing the old way by right clicking the file name in the Files window works - thanks.


          My new question is why are my local files, unbeknownst to me until now,  running through Adobe's server for Live preview?  Kind of invasive, yes?  What's the purpose of this?

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            Niharika Gupta Adobe Employee



            We are struggling to reproduce this issue at our end so that we can fix it. Can you please help us with reproducible steps or a video clip?



            Niharika Gupta

            Adobe Dreamweaver

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              Dakota Justus Level 1

              Cleary what's happening is when the computer goes to sleep, it looses its connection with the Adobe server.  When the computer awakes upon mouse movement, a new connection to the server is needed.  The only workaround is to restart DW since it's looking for a specific address that has been cancelled upon sleep.


              Another issue with Live browser preview, is when images are updated on a web file.  Since browsers cache images for future quick load, you need to clear the browser's cache to see the image update.  Once again, when you clear the cache, you loose your connection to Adobe's server because it dumps the temporary address.


              Regardless, I'm reverting back to the old way of previewing my work-in-progress.  I find it troubling that Adobe routes my files to their server first, so I can see them locally on my browser - very odd.


              You wrote "struggling to reproduce" yet there are hundreds of posts online that are having the same issue.


              I understand Adobe wants to promote using the split screen option of Live/Code, but unless you're working on a 60 inch monitor, it's just too confining for most of us ...you really need to see how the design works in a browser at full screen.


              Thank you.

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Adobe's server is required to support the device preview features.   If you have your own testing server, you probably won't ever need Real-Time/Device Preview.  Like you, I prefer right-click,  PIB.




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