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    Lumetri color export error

    nbrumfield_18 Level 1

      Hi, I'm running into the issue where the color changes I make aren't showing up after the export out of premiere pro. I don't use preset LUTs in my videos and I only adjust the basic color correction and the curves tab. Each video has different settings.


      I'm currently running on a 27" iMac, with OS Sierra Version 10.12.6 and the I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 version 11.0

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          chrisw44157881 Level 4

          is import sequences natively unchecked in ame?

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            nbrumfield_18 Level 1

            How do I see if that is?

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you're exporting by queuing to AME rather than a "simple" export direct from PrPro ... then you have the option within AME to "import sequences natively" ... which can cause problems. If you're exporting directly out of PrPro, then you don't need worry about that.


              How are you determining you have a problem? Do you have PrPro's export dialog box set to re-import into PrPro so you can see your import as it was made? If not, do so ... that's a crucial part of the process.


              And next: PrPro is dead-standard BT (Rec.) 709. Which by definition of the standard is sRGB, 0-255. Many amateur video players "enhance" things or do their own thing ... especially QuickTime, which is notorious for being ... unique. YouTube does one thing on basic upload, using a form of AVC1, that also doesn't always correctly show the dynamic range & gamma of a PrPro file, but ... if Youtube goes on to convert that file to VP9, then suddenly, the clip is shown correctly.


              So ... how are you viewing this when it's "wrong"?



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                nbrumfield_18 Level 1

                Thanks Neil,

                I hit command M and select h.264 & have the preset go to Vimeo at 1080p 29.97fps. I usually don't check anything else except for render at Maximum quality. I hit export and have it exported to the place I desire. I'm not very smart with these kinds of functions in Premiere Pro because I haven't adjusted or even altered them in anyway. In Fact I don't even know what you mean by queuing in AME. How I can check to see if Importing Sequences natively is on. Where do I select the box that sets it to re-import into PrPro?


                I'm not very smart with the functionally and setting of Premiere Pro,I only know the basics, and am advanced on the shortcuts for editing. A lot of the stuff you talked about I don't really know how to do or where to find it. If you can tell me where those functions are that would be a huge help!


                I'm viewing this by after I export the video I open it in quicktime and the quality looks like I never even changed it. I applied lumetri color to the clip itself and had a few adjustment layers over a couple clips. But I'm not seeing the color correction changes.



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                  benwinter Level 2

                  When you say "opening in quicktime" which version of Quicktime are you using?


                  There is/was a bug that causes videos played back in QT to play with a different gamma setting that makes video looked washed out and less saturated. What happens if you play your video back in a different player, say, VLC?

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                    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Quicktime has been noted for wanting to play PrPro generated files in 16-235 rather than 0-255 ... black at a level of 16 is just a dark charcoal, white at 235 is just a bright highlight. And worse, lifting the gamma a couple tenths of a point so the media looks washed-out/desaturated.


                    First thing, try to use a better player ... VLC or Potplayer for example.


                    Next see if for your video card's control settings if you've got a video section that allows you to set "Dynamic Range" and select 0-255, and also, any setting to have the video card command the video player, rather than allowing the video player to control DR/gamma.


                    This is the one in Nvidia, but a fellow user a few days back found a similar setting in his AMD control panel.




                    Nvidia Video Settings.PNG

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                      nbrumfield_18 Level 1

                      Version 10.4


                      What is VLC?

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                        R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Easily found by a net search ... VLC is a free downloadable and very solid video player. As is Potplayer.



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                          nbrumfield_18 Level 1

                          I'll give it a try! Thank you!


                          I tried exporting through the adobe media encoder but that didn't work, I'll see if this new player does.