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    Problems with layers on/within Lightbox containers


      I'm having some odd issues with Lightbox contents showing up when I preview pages in browser.


      I have the trigger (menu buttons) on the left of the page and the light boxes off of the page to the side in the design view.


      Inside the "Container" which is also a "Target" I've created a rectangle of the same width.  The rectangle dimensions are equal to the container.


      This rectangle is simply filled with an image I'm treating as a "pop up" page.


      ON TOP of this image I want to place another text box with writing that will provide a hyperlink to a different website.


      Everything works fine except for the very last step.  The text box/hyperlink doesn't show up in the browser preview.  Where it should be I only see the background image.


      The strangest thing is how I actually got it working correctly the first time I tested it, but when I went back to actually make it for real, I can't figure out how to make it work.  I must be overlooking something very simple (I hope).


      Any help is appreciated.