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    Legacy anchor points in client supplied file

    broomeGirl Level 1

      Hi first up I just wanted to say how invaluable this forum has been to me over the years.  The moderators and forum users have always been so helpful and also very prompt in answering my questions, so THANKS


      A client recently supplied a file to me that I would like to clean up if the job is not too time consuming.  Please see supplied screenshot.  I would like to delete the anchor points to the left of the image as when the file is exported it leaves white space on the left hand side.  I know I can just crop it in photoshop but in a recent job, it would have been so much easier to use the ai file instead of the png.



      I am assuming if I could close off the line at the point where the small arrow is, I could just delete the rest of the anchor points but I am unsure how to do close it off.  Thanks for any help.