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    Push Transactional Messages

    jgpanizo Level 1

      Hi all


      I want to send push transactional messages (I am already sending push messages), but, mi question is about the information that contains the event.

      An push transactional event example:






        <rtEvent wishedChannel="41" type="DELIVERY" registrationToken="2cefnefzef758398493srefzefkzq483974">

        <mobileApp _operation=”none” uuid="com.adobe.NeoMiles"/>


        <deliveryTime>1:30 PM</deliveryTime>








      How an external system (for example from client's web) who calls Adobe Campaign to send push transactional  message has registrationToken? I think that only Adobe Campaign has this registrationToken. How could I implement it?

      And, what is the uuid parameter? Is it the "Integration Key" on Mobile Applications configuration?