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    Push Transactional Messages

    jgpanizo Level 1

      Hi all


      I want to send push transactional messages (I am already sending push messages), but, mi question is about the information that contains the event.

      An push transactional event example:






        <rtEvent wishedChannel="41" type="DELIVERY" registrationToken="2cefnefzef758398493srefzefkzq483974">

        <mobileApp _operation=”none” uuid="com.adobe.NeoMiles"/>


        <deliveryTime>1:30 PM</deliveryTime>








      How an external system (for example from client's web) who calls Adobe Campaign to send push transactional  message has registrationToken? I think that only Adobe Campaign has this registrationToken. How could I implement it?

      And, what is the uuid parameter? Is it the "Integration Key" on Mobile Applications configuration?



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          florentlb Level 5



          Are you trying to implement this with Campaign Standard or Campaign Classic (v6/v7) ?

          If it is Standard, please read this document: Transactional messaging configuration  in which you can find a description of the registration token.


          Let us know,


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            jgpanizo Level 1



            sorry, it's Adobe Campaign Classic (V7).



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              Amit_Kumar Level 4



              To use Message Center with Mobile App Channel, you need to apply the following configurations:

              1. Install the Mobile App Channel package onto the control and execution instances.
              2. Replicate the Mobile application type Adobe Campaign service as well as the mobile applications that it contains the execution instances.

              The event must include the following elements:

              • The mobile device ID (registrationId for Android and deviceToken for iOS). This ID represents the "address" that the notification will be sent to.
              • The link to the mobile application or integration key (uuid) which lets you recover connection information specific to the application.
              • The channel to which the notification will be sent (wishedChannel): 41 for iOS and 42 for Android
              • All data used for personalization

              This information is available  in standard docs here Mobile App Channel


              Let us know if you are facing any difficulties.




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                Hi Amit


                I have Adobe Campaign Classic (v6.1.1) on Cloud. How could I know that the Mobile App Channel package is installed on control and execution instances?

                I can see only Control instance on Adobe Campaign console but I can't see anything that it indicates me that this package is installed.


                On the other side, I don't understand the uuid parameter. Is it the integration key (Project key for Android and certificate for IOS) that I configured when I created the mobile App service?


                Latest, if the event has to contain the device ID (registrationId for Android and deviceToken for iOS) and the event is launched for an external system who hasn't this information (only Adobe Campaign has this information on the appSuscribtion schema), how could I do?


                Best Regards