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    HTML5 Canvas mp3 audio not supported crossbrowser and crossplatform

    Hans Kroll



      When publishing and testing my project on different browsers and platforms, the audio doesn't always play. Here's some more info:



      • Adobe Animate CC 2017.2 build


      • HTML5 Canvas
      • sound sync as event


      Audio file:

      • mp3
      • 96 kb/s
      • 1 channel
      • 44.1kHz


      Works in:

      • Desktop, Windows 10: Firefox 55.0.3, Chrome 61.0, Edge 40.1
      • Mobile, Android 5.1.1 (MIUI 7.5): Firefox 55.0.2


      Doesn't work in:

      • Mobile, Android 5.1.1 (MIUI 7.5): Chrome 60.0
      • Mobile, iOS 8: Firefox and Chrome


      As you can see the audio plays just fine in every browser on desktop. But the audio only plays in one browser (Firefox) on mobile (Android).


      Does anyone know where this problem might occur? Is it Animate? Is it HTML5? Is it the browser? Is it the platform?


      Thx in advance.