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    Last Touch Marketing Channel Over-rides?

    Locutus243 Level 1

      Hiya guys,


      I'm trying to work through the Last Touch Marketing channels as our acquisition team are concerned our visits from PPC (for example) were about 100,000 off what they were getting from AdWords. As I understand it these should match.


      I've unchecked Direct and Session Refresh channels so they DO NOT over-ride the other channels. But the checkboxes for all our channels are ticked so that they WILL over-ride. But this causes me two problems:


      1. Our sign-in is on a separate domain, so customers could come from site from a PPC campaign, but then when they sign in then it Adobe thinks they have come from regdomain.com. The problem being, that we have sister sites of which regdomain is one of them, so I actually want to track customers who come from Managed: Sister Sites, but NOT customers who have come from another source and then log in.


      2. Our PPC numbers in Last Touch Marketing Channel don't add up to what we see in Ad-Words because a customer comes from a PPC campaign, thus setting their last touch channel to Managed:PPC. If that customer comes again that day Directly then because Direct is not set to over-ride then it increases the visits against Managed: PPC.


      Any ideas/suggestions?