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    Muse check script? Host website externally




      pardon my not perfect english.


      I've created a website in Muse and want to host it in Oracle Eloqua. In order to do that, I exported the website as a local HTML.


      Eloqua is a really picky how it handles HTML Sites, though. It doesn't store the files in one single place like so:Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-13 um 10.54.48.png

      Like you would have when uploading to a FTP Server.


      Instead, you have once place where the HTML file is located. Another place where the images sit, again a different place where the scripts and css are located.

      So all connections are lost and has to be set manually.


      I had to edit the HTML file: find the original directories (e.g. images/image-01.jpg) and change it to (src="directory-in-eloqua/image-01.jpg).

      The same for all other files like css and scripts.


      It works perfectly for css, images and scripts. Great!


      However, Muse is automatically creating a "check script" that checks if all javascripts are there and up to date.

      See below code:


      <script type="text/javascript">

         // Update the 'nojs'/'js' class on the html node

      document.documentElement.className = document.documentElement.className.replace(/\bnojs\b/g, 'js');


      // Check that all required assets are uploaded and up-to-date

      if(typeof Muse == "undefined") window.Muse = {}; window.Muse.assets = {"required":["museutils.js", "museconfig.js", "jquery.musemenu.js", "jquery.watch.js", "webpro.js", "musewpslideshow.js", "jquery.museoverlay.js", "touchswipe.js", "jquery.musepolyfill.bgsize.js", "jquery.museresponsive.js", "require.js", "index.css"], "outOfDate":[]};



      I think the scripts is not finding the scripts anymore and creates an error.


      How can I adjust the HTML code that the external (hosted in Eloqua) are loaded instead of trying to load the local files.



      I really hope that you can help me!

      If anything is unclear, please let me know.



      Best regards