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    PDPage bleeding box

    marchausmann Level 1

      Hello, I'm using the PDF Library and I'm trying to deal with Artbox, Trimbox and Bleedbox.

      I'm wondering if there are similar functions to the PDPageGetBox or PDPageGetCropBox in order to get the Art-, Trim- and Belld-boxes.

      Can anybody give me a hint in this issue?


      Many Thanks and have a nice day!!!!

      Beste Regards!!


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          marchausmann Level 1


          it was easier than expected......


          I found that I can get the different boxes simply using the PDPageGetBox function by specifying the box name:


          ASAtom boxstr = ASAtomFromString("TrimBox");

          PDPageGetBox(pdPage, boxstr, &pageRect);


          Thanks for reading!!

          Best Regards!!!!