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    Files flagged as modified that haven't been changed

    Marketing1918 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      We have worked in our same workflow for at least 5 years.  We have a folder that we frequently link to for our documents.


      Yesterday, every file in this folder showed up as modified by InDesign.  I went in and updated all the links--but it was strange since the place date was after the file's modified date in the link details.


      I opened the same document today and all the files were flagged as modified once again. 


      All files in this folder are showing the same incorrect modification flag.  The folder or path name hasn't changed since it would show up as missing.


      Have you seen this behavior before, and what fixed it?


      We are using InDesign CC


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          Marketing1918 Level 1

          Apparently, Adobe is happy to support sharing files over their creative cloud libraries, but not over a shared network folder.


          I'm not sure who still works on an isolated C: drive in a business environment these days.  Their entire product line is marketed as a team and collaboration oriented SaaS.  We have worked with networked files for 13 years without a problem.


          It is impractical to upload 1TB of data just to use their "supported" infrastructure.  Even if I did, they'd eventually tell me that I'm trying to sync too much across the internet and that is why I have performance issues.


          This is a bug, and it is one that has rendered our marketing department dead in the water.  None of the files have actually been modified, and even the links panel (whose screen shot was deleted by the moderator in my post) shows that the file was placed in InDesign AFTER the last modified date.  Even if we update the links, the next day they all show as modified again.


          And yes, I checked the Date / Time stamps on both the server and workstation.  Both are set automatically by Apple servers for the same time zone.  It does not make sense that this is the issue, as has been suggested in other support threads.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            You're making a lot of assumptions here and giving us virtually no details on the files themselves or the network.


            I agree this shouldn't be happening but I hardly think clicking update links is leaving you dead in the water. I'd need evidence of serious crashing or performance issues before I bought that.


            So, how about backing up and providing full details including screenshots and we'll see if we can get to the bottom of it.

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              Marketing1918 Level 1

              I did try to add screenshots, but they have been deleted from the post on moderation.


              The network is hosted on a Mac mini server running Sierra, and workstations are also Mac with Sierra OS.  The network drives are mounted as SMB shares.  If you have other specific questions about our network configuration please let me know.


              Every linked file in our InDesign documents show up as having been modified.  All linked InDesign documents also show as modified, as well as all links contained within them.  The link details for each link show that the date the file was placed into InDesign occurred AFTER the last date the file was modified, and this is the case for every link or link within another document.  This is happening for all 3 users in our company that use creative cloud.


              Even if we go through the effort of updating the HUNDREDS of links in each document, the next time the file is opened they all show up as needing an update all over again.  Maybe it's not "dead in the water" if you have a dozen links in a file, but we have hundreds in each, and each INDD needs to be opened individually to update all links within.  Several linked files also use layer visibility overrides which need to be re-checked each time we update.  A five minute text change turns into a nearly hour long relinking process, which only solves our problem long enough to export a pdf.


              There is and will be no help from Adobe on this--in my support chat they called files on a network a "feature" that they do not support.  Creative Cloud has promoted their products as being built for teams, businesses, and for collaboration ever since the transition to CC, so this has been pretty frustrating.


              I have attached two screen shots...hopefully they go through this time.






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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I'm a moderator and I can't imagine why one of those screen shots would have been deleted but let's move on to the issue at hand.


                This is indeed bizarre. I've never seen anything like it and I've worked with a lot of InDesign users with a lot of network configurations. Is this happening to every single file you open?


                Unfortunately I'm not much of a Mac networking expert but we need to eliminate the network as the source of this issue. What happens if you package the files and open and close them locally? What if you package and move the package to another machine? What if you leave the InDesign file local and link to the graphics on the network. Have you tried sharing via Dropbox?


                The reason I'm suggesting all of this is because if you don't find this issue that way, then you really have to get the network looked at.


                I'm also wondering if placing INDD files is having an effect. Are the place INDD files the same version as the parent INDD file?

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                  Marketing1918 Level 1

                  Hi Bob,


                  This is happening with all of our files.  Many of the placed InDesign files are with the current version of CC.  Some are older versions, but the linking issue seems to affect everything.  This hasn't seemed to cause a problem in the past, but if that particular document needs editing the software prompts us to save it in the new version.


                  The whole thing is so odd, unexpected, and disruptive after how long we've worked this way.


                  The packaging worked fine locally, so that rules out a wide scale linking problem.  It does appear that there may be something from the network throwing things off.  The only thing that I have found online is something related to the date/time stamp on the sever and workstation being out of sync, but both are set by apple time servers.  I'm going to look a bit further to see what else might affect the date/time synchronization because that's the only thing I can think of that would make InDesign "think" the files had been changed.