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    Raw Files not exporting to the correct location



      I have a user preset that I select every time I export photos from Lightroom that runs the images through ProSelect Portraiture,I also always rename my edited images in the LR library before export. I also use a Drobo to back all my images up once they are exported from Lightroom. Yesterday I exported my renamed images using the Portraiture preset that I always use, and had them exported to the same desktop folder that all my client images get exported to. After the edited images were exported to the desktop I then replaced the client folder on the Drobo to ensure that I had current backups. Here comes the problem...When I opened LR back up I had exclamation marks on all my exported images requesting that they be relinked to the original raw file. When I tried to relink the LR preview to the raw file it couldn't be found. I figured out that instead of my images exporting to the desktop like I had selected they exported straight to the Drobo, therefore when I replaced the desktop file on the Drobo my renamed files that were suppose to be on the desktop got written over by the Raw files. So now I have no renamed raw files saved anywhere to relink to the previews.


      This seems to be a glitch in the communication between LR and the Drobo, maybe? Once I identified the problem I even tested the export setting on several other images, going through the correct steps that I always use, and every time the images were exported to the wrong location, the Drobo. Any idea how to fix this communication error?