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    Measurement tool problem

    GCM20545269 Level 1

      In Adobe Acrobat DC I use the measuring tool often. When you set the Line properties it will save the style, thickness, colors & opacity but the "Start" and "End" line arrows are reset each time back to "Open". I make the new properties default with the Start and End as "none" but each time I create a new line the arrows return to "Open" so on each measurement I have to open the properties and reset each back to "none". This creates a lot of extra work. Is there a way to set the overall default to "None" or is there a work around. The arrows get in the way for anyone wishing to draw lines on forms.

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi GCM,


          Sorry for the delay in response.


          Please try selecting one of the objects drawn on the pdf > right-click > select measure preferences > default line ending > none.

          You may also access this setting by going into edit > preferences >  measuring 2d > default line ending.


          Feel free to update this discussion if you need any further help.


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