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    Help with French fold layout


      Can anyone point me in the direction to CLEAR instructions re: how to set up the layout for a French fold brochure in InDesign, i.e., an 11 x 17 document that will be folded once vertically and once horizontally to create an 8.5 x 5.5" final product?  I've found downloadable templates on-line, but confess it's not clear to me how I load those into InDesign (and they all have the waterwark/logo of the printing company in question). The one article I found on-line wasn't clear.  I found an excellent tutorial re: trifold brochure design, but couldn't find anything similar for French fold.  I'm an InDesign beginner (so you might say I have no business trying to do this!), but I have some time to devote to this.  Thanks for any help...