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    Rename default TOC?

      When you create a new RoboHelp project, say MyHelp, you automatically get a TOC called "myHelp (default)" and and index named "myHelp (default)".

      How do you rename these?

      I've tried opening their properities, but In RH7 HTML, if you select either the TOC or Index and select Edit>Properities, RH7 crashes.

      Also, does anyone know how to duplicate an entire TOC or Index?


      - Thom
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Welcome to our community, Thom

          Actually RoboHelp 7 makes this easy.

          For starters, you may rename the entire project (which would in turn, rename the TOC, Index and all associated files) by clicking File > Rename Project.

          To Duplicate a TOC structure, click View > Pods > Project Manager
          Expand the Table of Contents pseudo folder
          Double-click the existing Table of Contents
          Ensure the new pod is wide enough to see all the icons across the top. There should be a total of 10 icons
          Click the last icon in the list and a dialog titled "Select TOC" should appear
          Click New
          Type a name and click the "Copy existing Table of Contents" check box
          Click the ellipsis ( ... ) button
          Choose the existing TOC and click Open
          Click OK

          I'm not sure why you would want to duplicate the Index, but essentially the same steps I just listed for the TOC should work for that as well.

          Cheers... Rick
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            NextWildIdea Level 1
            First, "you may rename the project", ok, big "duuuhhhhh" on my part, I don't know why I didn't think of that, I guess that was obvious, but thanks for not pointing that out!

            And thanks for the thanks for the help on duplicating the TOC and Index. The option to copy an existing TOC (or index) was buried deep enough in the dialogs that I don't feel too bad on that one.

            FYI, I need to duplicate TOCs, Indexes, and Glossaries because I'm single-sourcing a help project for a product hierarchy where the high-end product (that we first built topics for) is a super-set of the lesser-products. So, I just need to duplicate the TOC, etc, for the other products, and cut out the topics that aren't appropriate.

            Thanks again.